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Online resources for definitions is an online resource for definitions written by you. Definitions are voted by users and best definitions are shown primarily.

Here is writing quality guidelines:
1. You should be the original author of each definition you submit. Direct copy of texts from other websites are flagged as a "Copyright Violation" and are not approved by moderators. 2. Please pay attention to proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization. 3. First paragraph must define the word clearly. Next ones may have extra information or may be explanatory for the word's origin, etc." 4. An example sentence can be applicable at the end.

What is the difference between backup and back up?

Backup Vs. Back up Backup can be a noun or adjective while back up can be used as a verb.
"Where did you put the backup file?" (Adjective) "Where did you put the backup?" (Noun) "Did you back up the files?" (Verb) (It is written as two words.)
Similar example:
"Did you clean up your room?" (verb) "There is a cleanup today." (noun)